Easy-To-Use Stations Interface

The New STATIONS TAB Data Entry Interface allows users to quickly and easily input stations data in the new spreadsheet style table using the TAB key. The Stations tab has been simplified and expanded. And data can now be imported directly to the Stations table from a spreadsheet .CSV file using the “Import” function or by copy & pasting cells from a spreadsheet. Additionally, Users now have the option to enter grading information either as Crest Geometry, Toe Geometry or as a Slope.

Filter Fabric Added to Quantity Estimates

Quantity estimates can now include the Filter Fabric that encapsulates the reinforced zone. The use can define the Filter Lap Width to accurately generate the area of fabric required along the entire length of the Wall.

Updated Geogrid Editing Functionality

Vespa now has the ability to select Multiple Panels by using the SHIFT key to Selected Panels. The Geogrid Length & Type can then be modified for all Cyan highlighted panels using the corresponding Edit Functions.

NEW Updated ReSSA Output

The ReSSA output has been upgraded to explicitly account for the % Tavail at the Face of the Wall. The .RSA output file now includes the ratio of Tconn/Tavail for each layer of Geogrid to more accurately represent facing connection data.