Retainin Wall Design without the Limitations

The VESPA Design Software provides Engineers and Designers with a powerful, process driven
and flexible Mechanically Stabilized Earth design/analysis tool, without the typical restrictions.


“Smart” Design Capabilities

Analyze the wall using multiple Design Methodologies (NCMA, AASHTO LRFD). Run Static, Seismic and Internal Compound Stability simultaneously for instant feedback. Generate Geogrid Designs using the intuitive, “Smart” Auto-Generate capability that combines years of engineering experience and distinct designer preferences.

Unlimited Block & Geogrid Combinations

Vespa is Preloaded with a wide range of popular Block and Geogrid data that is supplied directly from the manufacturer, avoiding outdated information and mistakes inputting figures manually. Vespa also allows you the ability to add new custom blocks or to create your own.

CAD Import Capabilities

Using the companion Awall CAD Tool (included in Vespa Design Suite), the time consuming process of transferring retaining wall grading information from your CAD/PDF Site Plans to the Vespa MSE Design Software becomes a snap. Easily extract grading and layout information directly from CAD or PDF drawings. 

Full Wall Layouts & Quantity Estimates

Generate full wall layouts and automatically analyze every section of wall to produce comprehensive material quantity estimates.

Automated Global Stability Output

Output “ready” Global Stability analysis files can be imported directly into leading GS Software packages, such as ReSSA 3.0 and GSlope.

Powerful & Flexible Output Options

Generate fully customizable reports summarizing analysis results and all related data. Produce detailed CAD output including sections,full elevation views, tables, etc.


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  • Vespa.LT
  • Vespa.LT
  • Full functionality without AASHTO
  • Automatic updates*
  • NCMA Design Methodology
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  • NCMA & AASHTO LRFD Methodologies
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  • Vespa Design Suite
  • Vespa Design Suite
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  • Includes AWall Cad tool
  • Automatic updates*
  • NCMA & AASHTO LRFD Methodologies
  • One time fee
  • AWall
  • AWall CAD Tool
  • Included with Vespa Design Suite
  • Accurately represents footprint & batter
  • Creates elevation views & quantities
  • Determine Wall space requirements
  • One time fee

*Updates would include minor fixes, improvements, and embellishments
**Upgrades would consist of major improvements and additional functionality
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