Tutorial 4 – Defining the Wall Geometry


Now that we have defined our Design Parameters in Tutorial 3, Tutorial 4 goes through the process of defining the Layout of the proposed retaining wall we are designing. As Vespa is capable of designing an entire wall, not just a single cross section, we need to input grading information to represent the proposed wall layout. The concept of “Stations” is introduced, which describes how the various Top and Bottom of Wall grades can be input into Vespa at specific locations along the length of the Wall. Also, the AWALL CAD Tool is briefly discussed, to automatically extract grading information directly from CAD and import it into Vespa. More information on the Awall CAD Tool is found at www.ctiware.com/awall. After the grading information has been input, we discuss how Vespa “Panelizes” the Wall, which is the process of applying the selected SRW block to the grading and ensuring the proper stepping and embedment of the Wall.