Introducing the new VespaDOT MSE Design Software, built on the Industry Leading Vespa2 Design Software platform. VespaDOT now includes new AASHTO Design Methodologies for Inextensible Reinforcements (Panels Walls) and the Extensible Simplified Stiffness Method (SSM). With more design flexibility and faster calculation engines, VespaDOT enhances design options and workflow efficiency. VespaDOT includes all the industry leading features of Vespa2 and free AWall CAD Tool.

Advanced Features

  • Export of Plan, Section & Elevation views to CAD, Full Wall Layouts & quantity calculations
  • Comprehensive hand-calc style equation reports for full transparency of results
  • Export to select Global Stability programs
  • Internal Compound Stability Analysis
  • Importing Grading & layout information directly from AutoCAD with the Free Awall2 CAD Tool
  • Comprehensive Multi-Depth Gravity Analysis with customizable system configurations

Additional Benefits

  • Options for Section only or Full Wall Layouts
  • Additional AASHTO methodologies for Inextensible Panels Walls (Including full True and False Abutment options), Stiffness Method
  • More comprehensive Hand-Calc style PDF reports for all NCMA and AASHTO methodologies.
  • New File Sharing architecture

Product Comparison

Design Method
AASHTO 2020 Extensible Simplified Method (SM)
AASHTO 2020 Inextensible with Panels
Coherent Gravity Method (CGM) Simplified Method (SM)
AASHTO 2020 Extensible Simplified Stiffness Method (SSM)
Multi-Depth Gravity Analysis
British Standard
Australian Standard
Internal Compound Stability Analysis


AutoCAD Export for Plan, Section, Elevation
Import Awall2 Grading and Layout data
Comprehensive Hand-Calc style NCMA Equation PDF Reports
Comprehensive Hand-Calc style AASHTO Equation PDF Reports
Expanded True Abutment/False Abutment options for Inextensible MSE Design
Full Wall Layouts, Quantity Calculations
Cross Section only Analysis Options


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  • Includes FREE AWall Cad tool
  • Automatic updates
  • File Sharing architecture
  • Annual Subscription
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